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How to use the Phone Uploader

What does the Phone Uploader do?

This is a free service that allows you to send files to your phone, may it be songs, ring tones, applications or any other types of files.

How does it work?

The file is uploaded to our database and then you download it using mobile internet to your phone. In order to download it you must know the file's identification number called the Jump code. For more information on the Jump code go to "How to use Jump".

How to use the Phone Uploader?

Step 1. Uploading the file

  • Write a short description or the name of the file (although not required for all types of files, in some cases this description will be the name that appears for the file on your phone once it is uploaded)
  • Specify the location of the file
  • Click Upload

Step 2. Downloading the file

  • For this you need the link associated with that file to request a download
  • You can get this link two ways:
    a) Entering your SMS Address and you will receive a text message with the link for downloading this file.
    b) Using the Jump code provided when the part was uploaded to our database. This Jump code will go to the same link that would otherwise be sent to your by text message.

How to upload using Jump Code