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How to get your own SMS Address

What is a SMS?

  • Short Message Service(SMS) which is also commonly known as a text message.
  • It is a regular email with a restriction of being a maximum of 140 characters.

What is a SMS Address?

  • It is the address by which anyone can send you an email known as a text message.

How to get your own SMS Address?

There are actually many ways of getting your SMS address, but this step-by-step guide will show you probably the easiest and quickest way of obtaining it. There are also other methods such as contacting your mobile provider or trying to find it in your phone options (not all phones actually show you the address).

What you need:

  • Your mobile phone
  • Any active email address

Step 1. - Send a text message to your email address

  • Go into your phone and enter your email address as the send to
  • Write something in the body of the text and send it

Step 2. - Find the Text message on your Email Account

Look for the text message you sent using your phone. The text message will appear as a regular email with your number at the beginning of the sender's address. Just to confirm that it is your SMS check the body of the text to see if it matches what you wrote.

Step 3. - Your SMS Address is the sender address

Your SMS address is the full sender's address, not just a part of it.


  • Any email address provider is fine, such as gmail, yahoo, hotmail, ect...
  • If you do not see the text message from your phone right away then just wait, it can take a couple of minutes, but usually it arrives instantly 
  • If you can not find the email check these things: 
    o     Your email junk box or folder, it could also be blocked by your email provider if it has custom settings. 
    o     Check if you spelt your email address correctly when sending the text message from your phone, sometimes there can be typos.
  • Your SMS address might have different layout from others depends on what provider you use, not every provider has the same format style.